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The Saxon Tales

"The Saxon Tales," by Bernard Cornwell, is a series of historical fiction novels that tell the story of Alfred the Great, one of Britain's most famous kings. The stories are told from the viewpoint of UHTRED, a savage viking who, through a series of events, becomes entangled in Alfred's battles trying to defend England from Viking raiders and warlords.
The Last Kingdom
Synopsis: (from wikipedia) "The Last Kingdom is the first book in The Saxon Stories series by Bernard Cornwell. The series follows the wars between King Alfred the Great and the Danes or Vikings. The Last Kingdom focuses on Uhtred's upbringing and early adulthood. The book begins when Uhtred marches with his father to war against the Danes at the age of ten. He links his destiny to the Sceadugenga or "Shadow-Walkers"."
book 1
The Pale Horseman
Synopsis: (from wikipedia) "The Pale Horseman is a novel based in 9th Century Wessex and Cornwall. The book starts where The Last Kingdom left off. Lord Uhtred of Bebbanburg arrives at King Alfred of Wessex's court to proclaim his victory over the Danish Chieftain, Ubba Lothbrokson, only to find that Ealdorman Odda the Younger of Defnascir has taken the glory for himself and been named leader of Alfred's bodyguard. It is the second book in Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Stories. It is the sequel to The Last Kingdom."
book 2
The Lords of the North
Synopsis: (from Good Reads) "The Lords of the North begins soon after the events described in The Pale Horseman. Uhtred, having helped Alfred secure Wessex as an independent Saxon kingdom, returns north in an attempt to find his stepsister. Instead he discovers chaos, civil war and treachery in Northumbria. He takes the side of Guthred, once a slave and now a man who would be king, and in return expects Guthred's help in capturing Dunholm, the lair of the dark Viking lord, Kjartan. There is betrayal, romance and war, and all of it, as usual, based on real events. "
book 3
Sword Song
Synopsis: (from Good Reads) " The year is 885, and England is at peace, divided between the Danish kingdom to the north and the Saxon kingdom of Wessex in the south. Uhtred, the dispossessed son of a Northumbrian lord—warrior by instinct, Viking by nature—has finally settled down. He has land, a wife, and two children, and a duty given to him by King Alfred to hold the frontier on the Thames. But then trouble stirs: a dead man has risen, and new Vikings have arrived to occupy the decayed Roman city of London. Their dream is to conquer Wessex, and to do it they need Uhtred's help. Alfred has other ideas. He wants Uhtred to expel the Viking raiders from London. Uhtred must weigh his oath to the king against the dangerous turning tide of shifting allegiances and deadly power struggles. And other storm clouds are gathering: Ætheleflæd—Alfred's daughter—is newly married, but by a cruel twist of fate, her very existence now threatens Alfred's kingdom. It is Uhtred—half Saxon, half Dane—whose uncertain loyalties must now decide England's future. "
book 4
The Burning Land
Synopsis: (from Good Reads) "The latest in the bestselling Alfred series from number one historical novelist, Bernard Cornwell. In the last years of the ninth century, King Alfred of Wessex is in failing health, and his heir is an untested youth. The Danes, who have failed so many times to conquer Wessex, smell opportunity! First comes Harald Bloodhair, a savage warrior leading a Viking horde, who is encouraged to cruelty by his woman, Skade. But Alfred still has the services of Uhtred, his unwilling warlord, who leads Harald into a trap and, at Farnham in Surrey, inflicts one of the greatest defeats the Vikings were ever to suffer. This novel, the fifth in the magnificent series of England's history tells of the final assaults on Alfred's Wessex, that Wessex survived to become England is because men like Uhtred defeated an enemy feared throughout Christendom. "
book 5
Bernard Cornwell
bernard cornwell Besides the Saxon Tales, Cornwell has written many other historical fiction novels. Amazon list 49 books by him, including:

Viking Helmet

Hammer of Thor pendant, which Utred wears.

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