Advanced Transportation

In this unit, you will complete 2 projects:

1. PowerPoint Presentation.

You will research a future transportation topic and create a presentation that educates and informs us about your topic.

Possible Topics:

*Space elevator
*Fuel Cells
* Hybrid Vehicles
* Solar Sails
*Hypersonic planes
* Intelligent Highways
* Teleportation
* Ion rockets
* Flying Car
* Personal Jetpack
* Flying Wings
*Transatlantic Tunnel
*Spaceship One
*Lunar Rover
*Bullet Trains


* Introduction (title, author, date, & graphic)
* Description and overview of topic. Background info.
*How it works; scientific principles, etc. * What did you learn about this method of transportation?
*You must have a minimum of 8 slides, maximum of 12.
* bibliography-at least 2 sources

2. Magnetic Levitation Vehicle.

You and a partner will attempt to design and build a magnetically-levitated vehicle capable of traveling over a 16 ft. track in the shortest time possible. Students must use the electricity from the guide rails to propel their vehicle. All teams are given 4 magnets, 1 DC motor, and a high-speed propeller. The difficulty of this task lies in getting the vehicle to balance properly, keeping friction from the electrical contacts to a minimum, and maintaining speed. This project is a excellent example of a very common problem-solving technique; Trial & Error.

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