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Tools & Machines
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In this activity, we will concentrate on one of the resources of technology, machines: what is a machine, types of machines, and how they help us do work.
Students will complete problem-solving activities using Lego kits to help them understand concepts of power and work. The class will be divided into (4) groups during this activity:

Computer Activity

In this activity, you will use the Internet to learn about Machines and how they work.
Write your answers out on a sheet of paper. The links below will come in handy on this activity!

Simple Machines Leonardo Da Vinci Work, Energy, & Power How Car Engines Work

You can use the links above to answer the following:You will still have to do some searching within and outside the sites. (waah!)
Write down your answers to the following questions:(make sure they are legible)

1. What is a machine?

2. What are the six simple machines?

3. Who was Leonardo Da Vinci and what does he have to do with machines?

4. List at leasts two of Da Vinci's ideas and describe them.

5. What is a "Rube Goldberg" machine? After describing, find an image of one and save it for later use.

6. Define WORK and POWER:

7. What is Mechanical Energy?

8. What is Fluid Power? (try the NationaL Fluid Power Association page)

9. What is the difference between pneumatics and hydraulics?

10. What type of liquid is used in hydraulic machines?

11. What system in your car is a good example of a hydraulic system?

12. Why do car engines use gasoline? Why not something else?

13. What is meant by "internal combustion?"

14. What are the four strokes of an typical internal combustion engine?

15. Who is credited with inventing it?

16. List the main parts of an engine and what they do: 17. What are the "big three' things that cause an engine not to work?

18. What does a camshaft do?

19. What does the ignition system basically do?

20. What does the cooling system consist of?

21. List some techniques (3-4) that can be used to increase engine power.

22. What is horsepower?

23. Who came up with the idea of "horsepower?"

24. Watch Tesla Electric Vehicle
25. What is a "hybrid vehicle?"

26. What is a "fuel-cell" vehicle?

27. What is a major problem with fuel cells?


Go to Robot technology for answers to the following questions.

28. What is a Robot? Where did the term ROBOT come from?
29. What are the 3 laws of robotics, and who created them?
30. What sport is a testing ground for autonomous robots?
Go to this video to learn about the Mars Exploration Rovers.
31. How long does it take radio commands from Earth to reach Mars?
32. What was the name of the ROVER that explored Mars in 1997?
33. Besides that one, what other rovers have been sent to Mars?
34.What unique idea is used to land some of these missions?
34. Go toBattle Lab Robots

Don't forget to hand in your answers!

Go to Quizstarand Take the Quiz! (you may use the web & your answers, but not each other.)

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