Howdy! My name is Nick...

I'm a senior here in Mr.Dolloff's class. I enjoy programming and by age 16 I had already learned more than 12 different programming lanuages. Of those languages I have learned HTML, CSS, SASS, and JQuery so this section of the class was a refresher for me. When we were told to make a static HTML site, I went beyond and added a whole ton of goodies and got carried away. So much so that I even made a python program to automatically add in HTML documents when I add a picture to the resources folder.
I also thouroghly enjoy food and video games. My main game right now is Overwatch. My current main in Overwatch is Bastion but Roadhog and Pharah have been getting a lot of attention recently.

Bastion (Left), Roadhog (Center), and Pharah (Right).

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