I live in Grandville, it sucks because it's soo boring. I like the Trailer Park Boys. I used to help my friend with his youtube channel and then single handedly killed it off. Yay for me not really though. I'm in 10th grade and it is boring. I waste a lot of my free time because I haves noting to do and Grandville is extremly boring and has nothing to do. I hate seminar a lot because when it cuts down on class time everything gets rushed for that days lesson. Lame and it bumps back lunch an hour which is already stupid enough and people with "C" lunch might as well not pack a lunch for that day. Don't forget to subscribe to Mike Don Entertainment today. I made a terrible anime intro for him and it sucks. Just kidding it's good by only using godawful movie maker. Also like 2 of these links go to the same url so you have that and the other links on the side of the site were just random links and I copied and pasted them in. The images in the boxes below are acutally useful.



2 of the best thing ever