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The TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimension in Space. It appears as a blue police box, and is bigger on the inside. This time machine came from Gallifrey, his home planet, and it takes him anywhere in time and space.

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The Doctor

Doctor Who is a British science-fiction television show produced by BBC since 1963. The show is about the adventures of the 'last Time Lord', who's a space and time-traveling humanoid alien from the planet Gallifrey, and goes by the name, "The Doctor." He explores the universe in his TARDIS, but He rarely travels alone. He'll often bring one or more companions to tag along, who are most always humans. He'll find events that are interesting to him, but he tries to prevent harm to innocent people, or changing of history. The Doctor carries around a sonic screwdriver which is a multifunctional fictional tool, that seems to use sound waves, radiation, wavelengths, frequencies, signals, and electro-magnetism to function.

Twelve actors have portrayed the Doctor, sense he has the ability to regenerate when his body is mortally damaged. The character of the Doctor takes on a new body and, to extent, a new personality, but still holds all the same memories. Each doctor has taken on numerous reoccurring enemies during his travels, including the Daleks, the Cybermen, and the Master, who is another renegade Time Lord.