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Daniel Radcliffe-Daniel Radcliffe played Harry Potter in all 8 movies without any previous acting. He was 11 years old during the first movie and was 21 when the 7th movie was done.

Emma Watson-Emma Watson played Hermione Granger through all 8 movies.She was 11 years old when the movies started and 21 when the Death;y Hallows came out.

Rupert Grint-Rupert Grint played Ron Weasley through all 8 movies.He was also 11 years old in the first movie ans 21 in the 7th in 2011.

Matthew Lewis-Matthew Lewis played Neville Longbottom in all 8 Harry Potter Movies. He was 12 while making the 1st movie and 22 during the making of the last.

Bonnie Wright- Bonnie Wright was 10 years old when the making of the first movie and by the end on the last she was 20. She also played Ginny Weasley through all 8 Harry Potter movies and 10 years.


Sorcerers Stone-Harry Potter lives with his relatives "The Dursley's" who hate him. When he turn 11 he finds out he is a wizard from a giant named Hagrid. During his 1st year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.He meets his two bestfriends and they set out to solve a mystery.

Chamber of Secrets-When a house-elf named Dobby come to Harry's house over the summer to warn him not to go back to Hogwarts and he and Ron can't get throught the border to platform 9 3/4 he knows something is wrong. During the school year he starts hearing voices in the walls and is singled out as the Slytherin heir when he learns he can speak parseltongue. As more and more people get attacked including Hermione and Ron's sister gets taken Harry and Ron go down to the Chamber of Secrets where Harry finally meets Tom Riddle.

Prisoner of Azkaban-After an eventful summer where Harry blows up his Aunt Marge he learns about the mass murderer Sirius Black who wants to kill him.As the year goes on they learn the Ron's rat Scabbers might not be who they think it is and Sirius Black is not who everybody says he is.

Goblet of Fire-After the Quidditch World Cup with the Weasleys the Death Eaters come. At Hogwarts they learn that the school will we hosting the Tri-Wizard Tournament. When Harry gets selected as the 4th champion that was never supposed to be there he becomes an outcast as the whole school turns on him.By the final task Harry and Cedric get transported to a graveyard where one will die and Voldemort gets reborn.

Order of the Phoenix-After a summer of no information from his friends harry is surprised one day when Dementors show up in Little Whinging. After a full hearing with the Ministry of Magic Harry barely gets back to Hogwarts.This year the Ministry is interfearing at Hogwarts by sending in a toad like teacher "Proffesor Umbridge" who Harry hates immediantly.As Harry learns of the weapon Voldemort wnats he is determined not to let him get it. During the battle ones of Harry's only relatives that he loves will die.

Half-Blood Prince-After Harry is made Quidditch Captain and Snape finally becomed defense against the dark arts teacher Harry is happy to be able to take private lessons with Dumble dore. As the lessons with Dumbledore continue Harry learns more and more about Voldemort and goes on a mission with him where when they return Dumbledore will die at the hand of Snape.

Deathly Hallows-When Harry comes of age he sets off with Ron and Hermione to kill Voldemort for good by finding his Horcruxes.Harry also learns things about his headmasters past that make him wonder if he was who harry thought. As their journey becomes harder they learn about the Deathly Hallows. Voldemort is searching for the elder wand but in the end Harry becomes the master of the Hallows.