Iron Man: Robert Downey Jr.

Peper Potts: Gwyneth Paltrow

Happy Hogan: Jon Favreau

War Machine: Terrence Howard

Iron Monger: Jeff Bridges

Abu Bakaar: Sayed Badreya

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Iron Man 3

Civil War

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Iron Man character page

Summary of Movie:

The first Iron Man was about Tony Stark creating the suit to get away from the enemies because they were holding him captive. He got away using a iron suit that he made. He got away but the suit was destoryed while doing that. When he got back home he started working on how to make the Iron Man suit perfectly and work really good. The government thought it was an enemy attacking them using that suit but really it was Tony. The suit that got destoried had pieces left in the desert so one of the enemies found them and started to put them back the suit back together and use it against everyone. The enemies need something to power the suit so he took it from Tony Stark. When that happened, he relized that he was getting betrayed by the owner of Stark's Industies. So Toney had to come up with another way to minimize the power sorce so he can survive. Later, Tony Stark had to fight the owner of Stark's industries against his own creation to stop them from what they are planning to do because the owner was trying to take over everything. Also, the whole world wanted to know who created the Iron Man suit and who was operating it. Will Tony Stark tell everyone who the Iron Man is?