Immortan Joe - "Everybody has gone out their mind. You're not the only one, Max."


After a nuclear holocaust, The world has become a desert wasteland and civilization has collapsed. Max gets cauputured by the war boys, The army of Immortan Joe. Max is taken to their citadel. He is destined to be used as a blood bag for a sick war boy Nux. Maxis strapped to the front of Nux's car to chase one of Joe's top lieutenants Furiosa who just helped Joe's 5 wives escape from, their prison. Nux tries to sacrifice himself to destroy the war rig Furiosa's Truck but Max escapes and restrains Nux. Max and Nux find the war rig being repaired and attempt to take it. He succesfuly steals it but finds that the kill switch has been activated and the only one who knows how to turn it off is Furiosa. Being the only option Max and Nux agree to help Furiosa bring the five wives to the childhood home of Furiosa.