Why I like Breaking Bad

I like Breaking Bad because of the action and just how funny it is. Breaking bad is an interesting T.V show because the way it adds humour into the show in it self is funny. Breaking Bad is a show that is about how this guy who is suffering from cancer and doesn't want to go out poor. So he makes an "Empire" of making drugs and soon becomes a millionaire from selling meth. His partner jesse pinkman who is also involved in this "business".

but there is one problem as walter white's brother in law works with the DUP who are trying to track the person selling meth. Walter white goes under the alias Heisenberg which was named after Werner Heisenberg who was a physicist. The reason walter went under that alias was because he was a physics teacher in high school even though he had a degree that was meant for him to teach college not high school. After becoming huge on his "blue sky" which he named after his wife. He needed a business partner that would handle the rough deals that were resulting in people getting killed so he wanted to find a person named "gus".