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Orphan Black Characters


Sarah is the main character of the series. She found out that she was a clone when she saw a girl just like her jump in front of a train.


Helena is the creepy one of the group. She was trained to be an assasin but stopped and changed when she met Sarah.


Alison is the "soccer mom" of the group. It seems like she has a normal life at first, but then you learn that she has an addiction to drugs and alcohol.


Cosima is the brains of the group. She's a scientist who works with the company that created the clones and she helps them with various problems.


Rachel is one of the antagonists of the series. She is also a clone, but she works with the enemies who are trying to get the cure for themselves.

About Orphan Black

Orphan Black is a Sci-Fi TV show on BBC. The show is about a girl named Sarah and how she finds out that she is a clone. Sarah then learns that the rest of the clones have a deadly disease that can only be cured by finding the original cloning DNA and using it to create a cure. The clones and her then find out that someone is trying to stop them from finding the cure and is trying to kill the "original".

The most amazing part about Orphan Black is that all of the clones are played by the same person: Tatiana Maslany.
She's an incredible actress who's won an emmy, and it's no surprise to any of us. When you watch Orphan Black, you forget that the
characters are played by only one actress. I happen to like Alison more than Rachel, which is weird since they're played by the same
actress. Most fans have a favorite and a character that they don't like too, and we think of them as different people since they have
different personalities, (all of them have different accents too) and yet they are the same person. Tatina Maslany's acting is so good that you
forget that you're only watching one person, and that's why the show is so amazing. In some scenes, they have all of the clones together
which takes a lot of editing and it looks really cool. They have to take the time to film Tatiana do each part and then they have to have another
person act the parts as the other clones while she does the parts of one clone. This takes a long time, and that's why the show is only on
for 10 weeks once a year, the editing takes a very long time to do.