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    This show has genious comedy in every sentence. It has epic suspenseful adventure. You can watch the charactors and situations grow and develop. There is a genious plot that fits together and comes full circle to make a complete situation. This is one of the longest lasting shows with the most episodes. The charactors are George Jefferson, Louise Jefferson, Lionel Jefferson, Florence Johnston, Zara Cully, Tom Willis, Helen Willis, Jenna Willis, Allan Willis, Harry Bentley, and Ralph Hart. "The Jeffersons" was very popular at first but eventually after the 11th season wasn't as popular so the show was ended without the actors knowing without finding out for themselves. "The Jeffersons" was usually on on Sunday night, but now it is every week night from 8:00pm to 9:00pm on antenna tv.

    The Jeffersons were origionally once in a while on All in the Family which started 1971. The Jeffersons made a spin-off in 1975 and called the show "The Jeffersons". The Jeffersons weren't shown on "All in the Family" any more once "The Jeffersons" started. The theme was movin' on up to a new apartment in Manhatten. They made reference to their old house in the beginning, but didn't in later seasons. They went to a family of wealth with George Jefferson's major cleaning buisiness called Jefferson Cleaners. George Jefferson used to be greedy with money but became less greedy and caring about money by giving out money. Him saying "money isn't everything" was a joke at first and unusual for him to say, but became the truth and reality later on.

    When The Jeffersons first moved to their new apartment, George Jefferson didn't want to live there because he was racistly disgusted by the bicolor couple, the Willises. He decided to live there after all because of a buisiness matter. He eventually accepted the Willises and they became best friends. The Willises had a daughter about Lionel's age who was the same color. Eventually they dated and got married. They had a baby and moved to Boston. They were not regulars on the Jeffersons anymore and appeared on rare occasion until Jenna and Lionel divorced and Jenna was back in the picture as a regular on "The Jeffersons". Meanwhile, Lionel was producing a show called "Good Times" which shows what life of poverty in the ghetto was like and how they overcome hardship and stay strong through it.

    created by Jeremy Zimmer 10/18/16